Application Guide
Regulations for the Approval and Registration of Firms with Foreign Investment in Jilin Province  2011-03-29
Mode of Cooperation  2011-03-29
What are Needed for Granting Projects  2011-03-29
Contact Information of Investment Services for Domestic and Foreign Investors  2011-03-29
The Examination and Approval of the Alteration of Contracts and Articles of Original Foreign-invested Enterprise with Provincial Examination and Approval Authority  2011-03-29
Process of Administrative Examination and Approval  2011-03-29
The Approval of Adding New Stores of the Foreign-invested Commercial Enterprise  2011-03-29
The Examination and Approval of Company Limited of Foreign Investment  2011-03-29
The Examination and Approval of Establishment of the Foreign-invested Enterprise  2011-03-29
Issuing the Certificate of Importing and Updating Equipments, Technology and Components of the Foreign-invested Enterprise  2011-03-29
Special Report
Travel Guide
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