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Traveling in China, following numbers are sometimes proved to be helpful when you are in trouble.
110    Police

114     Local Telephone Number Inquiry

116    Domestic Long Distance Inquiry
117    Time Inquiry

119    Fire

120     Ambulance

12121    Weather Forecast

122    Traffic Police
184    Post Code Inquiry

11185   Emergency Mail 


Mayor’s Hotline: 12345

Airport Number Enquiry: :+86-431-88797114

Airport Information Enquiry: :+86-431-88797111 

Airport Ticket Office: :+86-431-88797777    

Airport Luggage Enquiry: :+86-431-88797222

Airport Cargo Enquiry :+86-431-88797666

Southern Airlines Cargo Enquiry: :+86-431-88795777

Southern Airlines Enquiry: :+86-431-88795555, :+86-431-88795666 

Civil Aviation Enquiry: 950333

Expo Consulting Service: 963963

Rail Service Enquiry: :+86-431-86122222

Headquarters of Bus Transport: :+86-431-85397151

Northern Station of Bus Transport: :+86-431-82956124

Southern Station of Bus Transport: :+86-431-88674273

Rapid Transit Station: :+86-431-85386376

PassengerTransportCenter: 16888118

Passenger Transport Ticket Office: :+86-431-82737250

Jilin Province Economy and Technology Cooperation Bureau :+86-431-88787615、88787616

Jilin Province Development and Reform Commission:+86-431-88904502

Jilin Province Industry and Information Department:+86-431-88904525

The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Jilin Province:+86-431-85618501

Jilin Province Foreign Affairs Office:+86-431-82714257

Jilin Province Land Resources Department:+86-431-88550200

Changchun Customs:+86-431-84601516

Jilin Province Entry-Exit Inspection And Quarantine Bureau:+86-431-87607777

Jilin Province Administration for Industry and Commerce:+86-431-85279001

Jilin Province Environment Protection Bureau:+86-431-88906274

Jilin Province National Tax Bureau:+86-431-88994812

Jilin Province Local Tax Bureau:+86-431-85225028

State Administration of Foreign Exchange, Jilin Branch:+86-431-88943079

China Bank Jilin Branch:+86-431-88408888

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Jilin Branch:+86-431-88549499

Service Center for Foreign Investment Enterprises in Jilin Province:+86-431-88549411

Jilin Province Foreign Affairs Service Center:+86-431-82771386

Changchun Translators’ Association:+86-431-88565533

Administrative Approval Centre of Jilin Province Economy and Technology Cooperation Bureau:+86-431-88787660

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